Restoring Function with Innovation

Why Gaia?

People with limb differences deserve top end functionality and a sense of normalcy at a price they can afford.

We understand:

o Rehabilitation starts when people find support

o The problems in prosthetics come from the technology

o You shouldn't try to "fix" the human condition

We don't make replacement limbs. No, we make superior prosthetic tools that are intuitive and accessible. Good tools empower people to easily do household tasks, excel in their chosen profession, and bond with their loved ones. That's why we design our products to give people with limb differences the dexterity and confidence they need.

What is a Myoplexer?

*note this video is a bit out of date and the Myoplexer is no longer a singular flexible circuit*

Myoplexer Concept Demonstration

3D scanning can be used to determine the best location for each of our sensors.

Our tech is the best option for seamlessly integrating sensors into 3D printed test sockets. We can also provide drilling templates for easy installation of our sensors easy in traditionally made prosthetic sockets

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Our sensors can even be used to determine pressure hot spots to improve socket fit