Want to use the Myoplexer in research or for nonmedical use?

We would love that!

If you would like to demo our newest prototype in your research, please reach out to us. We would love to meet with you personally to discuss collaboration!

Research benefits of our tech:

1. Modular for any anatomy, sensor count, sensor placement, or sampling rate

2. Transparent data you can get the exact displacement of any sensor any time

3. Reusable & Interchangeable components for repeated use on different projects and easy replacement

4. 3D Compatible the Myoplexer has LEDs can be used to for MOCAP, 3D anatomical data visualization, and easy data synching

5. Inexpensive compared to HD EMG and implanted electrodes

Below are some pictures of the preliminary work we did to validate our core concepts. Our tech have vastly improved since then, but we think its important to show you that from the very beginning we have designed our tech to be powerful, modular, and intuitive. So the specific requirements of your BCI, AI, neuroprosthetic, or limb biomechanics research should be easy to accommodate with our tech

Breadboarded prototype of our myoplexer

Initial concept of a laser cut test socket

Initial concept of an inexpensive hand

Current Concept