Nicholas Witham

Cofounder and CEO

Biomedical engineering PhD student, serial entrepreneur, and rapid prototyping expert. Nick has spent thousands of hours making people with limb difference 3D printed prosthetics and for his PhD thesis he researches inexpensive textile artificial muscles for prosthetic limbs and biomedical applications. Nick started GAIA to improve the lives of people with limb differences by making the core tech work better for less money.

Dr. Rami Shorti

Co-founder, COO, and CTO

Rami got his PhD in biomechatronics and MBA at the University of Utah. Since then he has amassed over 15 years of industry experience with assistive device startups and healthcare innovation. He is overseeing company strategy and formation. He also provides technical expertise and professional connections necessary to our company

Thomas Odell

Co-Founder and President

Thomas handles sales, marketing, and business operations of Gaia. He has a broad set of skills that allow him to manage the day to day tasks of our interdisciplinary teams. With his patient centered focus, he is very adept at ensuring all teams are working towards the same objective.